South Beach Association Announces Fundraising Drive for South Beach ATVs

If you attended the forum/meet & greet with FPPD Chief Diane Hobley-Burney on June 23rd, you will remember her recommendation that two police equipped ATVs be added to our police patrols in our South Beach community. This recommendation was well received by the over 150 people in attendance.

We Need Your Help!


  • They have proven successful in the Sheriff’s Dept. and other beach communities.
  • They carry equipment that is beyond the capability of foot and bike patrol officers – cost much less than a patrol car – can move quickly on the beach, in parking lots and wherever people congregate.
  • These added patrols will keep us safer and deter crime.

How We Can Help?

We have set a goal of $20,000 to purchase two specially equipped ATVs to be used on South Beach. The South Beach Association begins this phase of our fundraising drive with a contribution of $5000.


Click Here to download the donor form and follow the directions on the form. Your contribution will be tax deductible.

We are confident that the residents and businesses on South Beach will rise to the occasion and help keep our community as a great place to live.