A1A September Update

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A1A Project Update for July.

Here's July's A1A update.  We're nearing the end of Phase 2 and it looks like Phase 1 (Bayshore to Gulfstream) is getting closer. view full post »

Beach and Parks update for July 17.

Our beach parks look great!! With the budget cutbacks, our team of park volunteers are faithfully picking up trash and whatever else we can to keep them in pristine condition. We can always use more volunteers. Get in touch with me at apeck@fpsba.org if you are willing to put in 2-4 hours a month workingContinue Reading

June’s A1A Update

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A1A Project Update for May.

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A1A Project Status Update 4-19-10

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A1A Project Status Update 3-15-10

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President’s Report – 2010 SBA Annual Meeting

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Islander Award – 2010 SBA Annual Meeting

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Beach Parks Update – 2010 Annual Meeting

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