The A1A update for April is here

The project is coming along!  Trees are being planted!  Check here to see what’s going on.

March’s A1A report!

Here’s the March report from the A1A commission.  Click here to read it.

2012 Overview for the Year including an Update on Activities at the Port.

Last year at this time I announced, with a big smile on my face, that the 2012 Annual Meeting would be the last one to showcase the progress of the A1A project.  That it would be completed by October 2012.  Boy! – was I wrong!  Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control the date for completionContinue Reading

Tracy Telle’s Comments on the A1A project

Well, here I am again after I told everyone last year that you won’t see me at your next meeting.  I guess I should begin with an explanation of the delays that we have encountered in this final A1A construction segment.  We all knew prior to construction that this phase of construction would be theContinue Reading

SBA Annual Meeting 2/7/ 2013 : 7:00pm at Chapel by the Sea.

Come and hear the latest plans for the FDOT/AECOM Phase 2 for the Port.  Tracy Telle, project manager for A1A and Jetty Park will give the real information on why there has been the delay, where we are now and when it will be completed. view full post »

January’s A1A update

Check out the latest information here.

December’s A1A update

Here's the latest! view full post »

Seaway Drive Road Closure for December

Looks like Seaway will be closing down east of South Ocean Drive from the 10th to the 14th of December for the A1A project.  Here's the official information. view full post »

Latest information on the A1A project.

Here's November's A1A update!  Click here for the latest. view full post »

October’s A1A Update

It's here! Click this to find out the latest. view full post »