Selected Reports From 2018 Annual Meeting

For those that prefer to print and read the reports, PDFs of each session from the 2018 FPSBA Annual Meeting is available here for your convenience. 2017 Overview, Carole Mushier, President: PDF | Web Version Code Enforcement Report, Charlene Adair, Code Enforcement Chair: PDF | Web Version Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.) Activity Report, Bruce Murray,Continue Reading

2017 FPSBA Overview – Carole Mushier, President

There were three main areas that I described at the end of the February 2017 Annual Meeting as my hopes and possibles for the year 2017. I had high hopes that Mega Yachts would come to Fort Pierce with the accompanying high wage jobs. That there would be an increase in the temporary short termContinue Reading

2018 Annual Meeting Code Enforcement Report – Charlene Adair

I am Charlene Adair, your Code Enforcement Chair. My role is to be a liaison between South Beach residents and the Code Enforcement Division of the City of Fort Pierce. I am also a volunteer with the City of Fort Pierce. The goal is to enforce City Codes adopted by the City Commission that establishContinue Reading

2018 Annual Meeting C.O.P. Activity Report, District 9 – Bruce Murray

The Citizen Observation Patrol program is an important part of the Sheriff’s Crime Prevention Unit encompassing over 300 volunteers in Community, District, Parks Patrol, and Marine Units. District 9 C. O. P. volunteers work as eyes and ears for the SLC Sheriff’s Office and FPPD, covering the area from South Bridge to Blind Creek NorthContinue Reading

2018 Annual Meeting Beach & Parks Report – Charlene Adair

I am Charlene Adair, your Beach & Parks Chair. I also serve on the Keep Fort Pierce Beautiful Advisory Board and the Parks Committee. I coordinate approximately 50 volunteers to keep 9 parks and about 4 miles of beach clean and maintained – a lofty goal for sure! Our volunteers showed they are up toContinue Reading

2018 Preview – Carole Mushier, President

Each year at this time, when you are all hyped from a presentation by a gifted Guest Speaker and ready to get on with the fun portion of the meeting, I take a few minutes to express my thoughts as to what will happen between now and the end of the year. After hearing Stan,Continue Reading

2016 Annual Meeting – Overview by FPSBA President, Carole Mushier

As I prepared this 2015 Overview, I referred to what I had said last February regarding our expectations for the year. We expected that the City and County Commissions would meet in March to discuss the Revised Port Master Plan and further Port projects. Actually they met in May (who’s counting?) AND November – theContinue Reading

2016 Annual Meeting – Code Enforcement Report, Bruce Murray, Code Enforcement Chair

The Code Enforcement Department was busy in South Beach in 2015 and we thank Peggy Arraiz and her staff for their efforts on our behalf. They are spread very thin and it is often hard to balance the demands of the entire city and the relative urgency of issues in different parts of the city.Continue Reading

2016 Annual Meeting – Beach & Parks Report, Charlene Adair, Beach & Parks Committee Chair

I am Charlene Adair, your beach & parks chair. Our liaison with the city is Paul Bertram, the parks and grounds manager under Public Works (identify those present). We thank the city for your support and for supplying picker uppers and gloves! I am now also serving on the Keep Fort Pierce Beautiful Advisory BoardContinue Reading

2016 Annual Meeting – C.O.P. District 9 Annual Report, Bruce Murray, Leader, District 9 C.O.P.

The revitalization of C. O. P. in South Beach was well established by the end of 2015. District 9 started the year with seven people on the roster, only three of whom were active. Four were dropped for inactivity and five were recruited and completed the sixteen hour classroom and three hour field training soContinue Reading