A1A Update for March

There's movement and happenings afoot.  Here's the official word on the project's progress. SR_A1A_-_Commission_Meeting_Update_032111_-_031111.pdf

The February A1A project Update

Hello All!  Here's the latest A1A Update. SR_A1A_-_Commission_Meeting_Update_021111_-_022211.pdf

2011 Beach and Parks Report

2011 Beach and Parks Report 2011 SBA ANNUAL MEETING February 10, 2011 I categorize this year as, — tying up loose ends, strengthening projects started last year, continuing to work on ongoing projects, and, trying once and for all, to find a solution to those  niggly problems which are affecting our island. As you noContinue Reading


2011 PLANNING BOARD/DEPT. REPORT 2011 SBA ANNUAL MEETING February 10, 2011 Last year, at this time, we saw the very beginnings of the Kiwi Condos on Seaway Drive.  It is the only new construction of this type on the Island in many years.  It is all but complete and is a fine addition as aContinue Reading


2010 OVERVIEW 2011 SBA ANNUAL MEETING February 10, 2011 
 My rendition of the 2010 Overview will not duplicate, in detail, information that will be covered by others.   In late August, after an on and off vacancy of 8 months, we finally had our second City Commissioner representing our district.  I will not elaborateContinue Reading

January’s A1A update

Yes another month has come and gone and with it another report on the state of the A1A project.  Click here to read it. SR_A1A_-_Commission_Meeting_Update_011811_-_010711.pdf

A1A Update for December

We're getting closer to the beginning of Phase one!  Click here to find out when it's scheduled to begin. Commission_Meeting_Memo_122010.pdf

The November A1A project Update

Here's the latest from the November meeting. It looks like things are still progressing with some noticable work to begin in February. Commission_Meeting_Memo_110510.pdf

October’s Update for the A1A project

Permits are being issued.  Plans are coming in.  Click here for all the information on the final phase of the A1A project. Commission_Meeting_Memo_101810.pdf

A1A September Update

Here's the latest info for your perusal. Planning_Board_Minutes_08-10-2010.pdfCommission_Meeting_Memo_091010.pdf