2020 Annual Meeting: C.O.P. Report – Walter Lynch, COP Team Leader

Hi everyone I am Walt Lynch and I am the team leader for the COP program here on South Hutchison Island. COP stands for Citizen’s Observation Patrol and we are part of the Community Engagement Unit of the St Lucie county Sheriff’s Office. We provide an extra set of eyes and ears for local law enforcement. We patrol in a vehicle which is supplied and maintained by the Sheriff’s Office.

If you would like more information or have questions you can contact the Sheriff’s Office Community Engagement Unit. (772-871-5303)
This is the group which was previously know as the Crime Prevention Unit. The Unit is expanding its positive involvement in the in the community with new programs such as the LOST program. If you would like to learn more about this commitment to the community please
Call the Community Engagement Unit. (772-871-5303)

Statistics for this year are not impressive because we lost several members do to relocation and illness. I was the only driver most of the summer. Next year will be much better because we have three new year round members that will be trained in March.

As most of you know the majority of our interaction is with the Fort Pierce Police Department with in the city limits. The Sheriff’s Office responds in the unincorporated south end of our district or if the FPPD is not available.

The FPPD and Sheriff’s Office have been very supportive and appreciative of our efforts.


We file many incident reports which do not involve law enforcement.

Examples would be missing signs or various safety related issues.

We preformed numerous house checks and Close Patrols last year. For those of you that are not familiar with this service, we check unoccupied homes for unusual activity. A house check can be requested by calling the Sheriff’s Office Community Engagement Unit or by filling out a form on the St. Lucie County Sheriff’S Office web site under House Checks.

We are often stoped for directions or to hear complaints.

I can always tell when the parking enforcement unit has been on the island by the increased number of flag downs

COP does not write parking tickets.

The Citizens Observation Patrol on the island needs additional drivers. The commitment is only 8 hours a month and the schedule is very flexible. If you can help, please call the Community Engagement Unit or see me after the meeting. (772-871-5303)