2019 Annual Meeting: Islander Award – Charlene Adair

This year’s recipient has made a huge contribution in a relatively short period of time.  She chairs two SBA Committees, sits on two City Committees, spends many hours a month researching rental properties for the City Code Enforcement Department and still finds time to drive the COP car and do pick up along the beach and in or parks.  Sounds like a lot – and it is!

Charlene Adair took over the SBA Beach & Parks Committee in 2015 and her group of volunteers has grown each year.  You have heard how much they contribute to all of us and the City. In that same year she began the task of tracking and tracing the many websites for short term rentals offered on South Beach and then for the entire City.  In early 2016 she assumed the role of SBA Code Enforcement Liaison.  More recently, she was appointed to the City wide Keep Fort Pierce Beautiful and the Parks Committees.

Charlene is an example of the best that volunteers can offer.  Please rise and give Charlene Adair your well deserved appreciation.