2018 Preview – Carole Mushier, President

Each year at this time, when you are all hyped from a presentation by a gifted Guest Speaker and ready to get on with the fun portion of the meeting, I take a few minutes to express my thoughts as to what will happen between now and the end of the year.

After hearing Stan, I need say nothing more about the Port except that I hope that they contract with a Mega Yacht firm very soon and that we will see the ships (and they are ships – not boats) arrive and depart.

I am certain that the City will approve a project for the downtown area to include a hotel, conference center, restaurant and residential.  It has been a long time coming but my prediction is that we will see positive movement before the end of the year.

I wish I could be as positive about the removal of the Wastewater Treatment Plant from our Island.  I’m afraid that there will continue to be talk and again more talk and not much action.

Parking will continue to be an issue.  I see the “pay to park” lot finally completed but obviously too late to judge how effective it will be “in season”.  Poor timing on their part.  Don’t plan on a parking garage in the near future.

Dogs and Golf Carts will be status quo.  No matter what is or is not done, some will be disappointed.  It is hard to create a city beach for dogs on or off leash when there is a County park just south of us and a good amount of opposition to animals on our public beaches – and yes they are all public.  This will require more enforcement because some people feel that their wants are more important than others rights.  The same will go for Golf Carts.  Yes it is expensive to upgrade a vehicle meant for recreational use on a golf course to one certified as road worthy but that is what will happen.  Again, enforcement will be key.

Finally, I firmly hope that common sense returns to the State Legislature.  And if something crazy finds its way on the ballot in November, I believe the voters will reject the notion.

OK – Let’s have some fun!  If you want to leave early now is the time – give your ticket to a neighbor and leave quietly.  Otherwise, remain in your seats until the drawing is over and the meeting is adjoined.