2016 Annual Meeting – Preview of 2016, Carole Mushier, FPSBA President

From what we just heard tonight, it is clear that things are happening and will happen at the Port during 2016! I hope to see 2 MEGA yachts berthed there for refurbishing and repair every week with plans to expand the area to accommodate more ships (at that size they are ships not boats!).

In the not too distant future, the new Oculina Bank will be open for business. You won’t have to get out of your vehicle to do your banking!

And – in the not too distant future the Square Grouper will have a grand opening and we will finally see what the finished product looks like. Of course it will put yet another strain on parking in that area. Do you suppose the City will come up with short-term band aide solutions as they explore long-term solutions? I sincerely hope so. Perhaps you can spur them on tonight.

Richard Bouchard, Senior Coastal Engineer for the County advises that the next planned Federal nourishment for Fort Pierce Beach is Spring 2017 pending approval of Federal funding. See Richard at the end of the meeting for more information.

I trust that Code Enforcement will continue to get a handle on the short-term rental violators. I think that the word is out and more are getting caught than before. With our support we should see more voluntary compliance. See Peggy Arraiz for more information at the end of the meeting.

And last – finally something is about to happen on the old trailer park property – a project called Causeway Cove. Obviously it is impacted and hampered by the Wastewater Treatment Plant. It will still be years before the Plant is moved off the Beach – how many years have we heard that? – although the City is putting together a Committee to really study the issue. The primary problem is the cost of such a move and who will pay.

So whatever is done in Causeway Cove will be around for a while even if it is considered “temporary”. The marina and boat ramp could be permanent but everything on the uplands would no doubt be replaced when there is full development after the Plant is moved.

On February 16th, just 2 days ago, the City Commission, after much discussion, approved the plan including the controversial 10 RV pads that back up to Harbour Isle. Many from Harbour Isle attended and voiced concerns – the chamber was full and the hour was late. We also voiced concerns. There were verbal agreements and conditions placed on the project. We sincerely hope that both the temporary and permanent parts of this plan will be successful and better than the deserted property with decrepit driveways we see now. If you have questions, please see Kori Benton or a City Commissioner at the end of the meeting.

Now for the Fun!! If you want to leave early now is the time – give your ticket to your neighbor and leave quietly. Otherwise remain in your seats for the drawing and until the meeting is adjourned.