2015 Annual Meeting – Preview for 2015, Carole Mushier, FPSBA President

After that presentation, I think that I should probably just sit down! But I will try to outline a number of issues that will be of interest and concern for many of us living and doing business on the beach during 2015.

Richard Bouchard, St. Lucie County Senior Coastal Engineer, has informed us that the US Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a contract to pump approximately 360,000 cubic yards of off shore, beach compatible material to fill in on the 1.3 mile segment of beach immediately south of the inlet. This appeared in the local paper today. Work has begun this month and will conclude by the end of March this year. If you have any questions or concerns see Richard at the end of the meeting.

We expect that the two Commissions – City and County will meet in March (of this year!) to discuss the future of Port projects and the Revised Master plan. We had hoped that this meeting would occur, at the latest, in December 2014. It is a good example of how things can drag out – waiting on reports to come from the State and other circumstances – some beyond anyone’s control. We will notify you by email Newsletter as to when and where. These meetings are not televised so if you really want to know what is going on you have to be there. Then will come formal public hearings as any revisions to the Master Plan are Comprehensive Plan amendments that require 2 Public Hearings. So nothing will happen overnight – surprise! Again, we will keep you informed.

Then – look for ground breaking in the Spring for the Square Grouper and Oculina Bank (I say that with fingers crossed!) These will be the first new building developments on the beach in a very long time.

We will be ready to weigh in on whatever is proposed for the Entertainment District in the Jetty Park area. As usual, we will keep you informed as we receive information.

We will continue to support efforts by the City to alleviate and, eventually, solve the parking nightmare in the Jetty Park area. There must be a balance achieved between the businesses and public safety and welfare.

As I speak with business people – realtors – attorneys in the area, I sense an underlying excitement about what is happening and what will happen in the entire Fort Pierce/ St. Lucie County and South Beach areas. Recognizing that change is not always progress – 2015 and beyond will determine a new future for the area and I hope you will all join in.

That concludes the Preview for 2014 – Now for the fun!