February 9, 2012


Over the past year there have been no commercial building projects started on the Island and just a few private home plans approved.  The property just south of sea Pointe Towers on A1A has received another one year extension to break ground on a condominium project.


Both Archie’s Seabreeze and the motel property directly south received approval for change of zoning from R4A to C5.  What this means is that those properties are now in compliance with their function – one for over 50 years.  Without the rezoning Archie’s could not make the proposed improvements that should make the establishment more compatible with its residential neighbors.


The LDR (Land Development Regulations) rewrite continues to limp along.  Each year, for the past two years, I have indicated that they were nearing completed draft (yes – I said draft) status.  In an attempt to be thorough, the Planning Board and a Special Advisory Committee have literally gone through everything line-by-line and word-by-word.  And – the meetings of both groups have been televised!  I must admit that it is like watching grass grow!  We will continue to follow the process.  If you have questions or concerns see Matt Margotta at the end of the meeting.


Last year at this time we announced a proposal that we were making regarding a Charrette for the West Peninsula of South Hutchinson Island in Fort Pierce.  Let me read what I said last year –

“There has been recent interest on the part of the owner of the “old trailer park” property to submit plans for development.  We spoke with his representative and have proposed a process to consider, not just that particular property, but also all the area that we are calling the West Peninsula of South Hutchinson Island in Fort Pierce.  We believe that a Charrette should be held this Spring to have proper public input so as to achieve a harmonious development of these prime properties.”


We then listed all the properties on the peninsula with specific reference to the Wastewater Treatment Plant property – parts owned by the City, County and FPUA.


We indicated that we did not support a piecemeal change of zoning nor plans to develop individual properties without public input.  The City Commission approved our proposal on February 22, 2011.  We had high hopes for a Spring Charrette.  I will not go into the reasons why it didn’t happen as planned.  The Charrette has been rescheduled for this Spring on Saturday, March 17 from 10-2 at the Riverwalk Center.


I realize that some of the zing has gotten lost with the delay but last year I asked you three questions that you responded to with an overwhelmingly positive show of hands – Let’s try that again


  1. Do you support the notion that the public should have input in the development of these properties?
  2. Do you support the notion that the total package should be included and not just separate properties?
  3. Will you commit to attend the Charrette?


If you have questions or concerns about the Charrette see Leslie Olson at the end of the meeting.