Mobile Food Vendors – Results of the Public Hearing First Reading on August 4

After much discussion, the Commission voted to postpone the First Hearing to September 2, 2014 because they reached consensus on a number of revisions to the Ordinance.  This will give Staff the time to incorporate those revisions.  These revisions include:

  • To add public parks to the 300-foot restriction for any vendor – particularly mobile food vendors – as recommended by the South Beach Association in our presentation.  This, coupled with the 500-foot restriction from a similar business effectively removes vendors from the recommended locations at Causeway, South Beach and Jaycee/Surfside Parks.
  • To remove public property as a site for any vendor.  This effectively removes any park, parking lot, street or right-of-way from a vendor location.  We had asked that a restriction from parks and their parking lots be placed in the Ordinance and this accomplishes that purpose.
  • To remove the lottery for recommended locations on South Beach and Downtown.  There will be no recommended locations or any min/max number per area just a total for the entire city and only on Commercial property.

What This Means
The consensus revisions effectively remove any vendors along A1A on South Ocean Drive.  There is one small area on Seaway Drive zoned C5 south of the Inlet Linear Park that appears to be outside the 300 foot restriction for a park and 500 feet from a similar business.  We will check into this and try to have it removed.Consensus is not a Final Vote!  There is no guarantee that the revisions will be approved on First and Second Readings.

Questions – Comments  email or call 461-0430

We were disappointed that more of you did not attend the meeting or speak – many thanks to those who did.  While we are willing to lead the way, you must assist by your participation.  This is not a done deal although we made significant progress toward the outcome that you requested.

When available, we will evaluate the Revised Ordinance and Resolution, provide them for you to read and continue to see this through to the final votes at First Reading(as postponed) September 2, 2014 and Second Reading September 15, 2014.