2019 Annual Membership Letter

To All Residents, Business Owners and Organizations on Fort Pierce South Beach,

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The Fort Pierce South Beach Association solicits your membership for 2019. We continue to represent our members and, all of South Beach, in matters that impact the quality of life that we enjoy on the Beach.

Your SBA participates in a cleanup campaign “Keep Fort Pierce Beautiful” for our beaches and parks year round. We evaluate site plans for all development on South Beach. We assist the Code Enforcement Officer for the beach in reporting violations. We support the COP car patrolling our area. We closely follow City and County meetings when there are issues relating to South Beach and attend and speak when appropriate.

We support initiatives that maintain/increase our quality of life, e.g. purchasing park benches along the Inlet Linear and Jetty Parks, the Banners on light poles along A1A, our fundraising drive to purchase 2 FPPD ATVs for South Beach, our Holiday decorations at our two roundabouts and, recently, the decorative covers on electrical boxes in selected City parks.

Being a member of the SBA allows you to receive accurate information in a timely manner regarding issues affecting your Island. Members receive periodic email Newsletters announcing special events and concerns and our website, fpsba.org, gives updates on various issues. If you have specific questions, concerns or suggestions please email me <a href=”mailto:cmushier@fpsba.org”>cmushier@fpsba.org</a> or call at 461-0430.

Put this date on your calendar – Thursday, February 21, 2019 @ 7pm.
We will hold our ANNUAL MEETING at the Chapel by the Sea. There will be reports with the most up-to-date information on a variety of topics. Plus you have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with City and County Officials about your concerns.

We ask you to support our ongoing activities by becoming a member in 2019.

Carole L. Mushier