2017 Preview – 2017 FPSBA Annual Meeting by Carole Mushier

So what is going to happen between now and the end of the year?  Certainly nothing is written in stone so these are just hopes and possibles.

I continue to have high hopes that MEGA yachts will come to Fort Pierce with the accompanying high wage jobs.  Obviously this is not going to happen tomorrow or even this year but progress at the county owned 20 acres at the north end of the Port is a real possibility.  In addition, I hope to see work begin at the south end – Fisherman’s Wharf area.  It could become a show place.  As to the middle privately owned area – they have had more than their chance to join in and yet they continue persist in their old ways.

As we have heard tonight – there will be a solution to the parking situation in the future – not by the end of this year – but we can see light at the end of the tunnel.  Until then we will have the “temporary” short term parking lot which eases the burden.

The removal of the wastewater treatment plant will continue to be a bureaucratic mess.  I have not been impressed by the progress – or should I say- lack of progress on this project over the years.  Are we really going to see someone take the bull by the horns and wrestle it into a realistic proposal? I must confess that while I would like to have high hopes unfortunately I don’t see it happening.  Prove me wrong!

To end on a high note – It has been a pleasure to watch the City and the County work together as a team rather than butting heads as was once the case.  We have come a long way from squabbling over South Causeway Beach (some of you will remember that!) to where we are now.  I believe that there is no going back and that we will see continued cooperative efforts during this year and beyond.

Now for the Fun!!  If you want to leave early now is the time – give your ticket to your neighbor and leave quietly.  Otherwise remain in your seats for the drawing and until the meeting is adjourned.