November 2011 A1A Project Status Update

Here's the latest.  The weather on October slowed down progress but it's still coming along. view full post »

October’s A1A Update

We've got one way roads and people are returning for the winter.  How long will this go on?  Answers to these questions and more can be found by clicking here! view full post »

A1A Update for September

Here's the latest info for your perusal. view full post »

The August A1A Project Update is out!

Check out the progress that's being made!  Read the latest update! view full post »

July 2011 A1A Project Status Update

Well things are certainly moving along, here's the latest information from the A1A Commission.  Click here to read it. view full post »

A1A Update for June

Here's the latest update!  Progress is being made!  Things are moving along! view full post »

The May A1A Update is here!

It's pretty easy right now to guess at what's going on. However, if you would like to know what's actually happening read the attached update. view full post »

April’s A1A Update.

Many of you have probably noticed the new activity, here's the official word on what's going on. view full post »

Lane Closings Underway

Monday, April 4, 2011 thru April 29, 2011 there may be periodic lane closings between Seaway Drive and Porpoise Avenue for a temporary bypass travel lane along the east edge of the existing northbound travel lane in conjunction with the SR A1A Phase I Roadway Reconstruction project. view full post »

A1A Update for March

There's movement and happenings afoot.  Here's the official word on the project's progress. view full post »