Information on the Port Meeting from the County

The Board of County Commissioners have made some more information available regarding the Joint Meeting of the BOCC and the City Commission on October 29th.  The information can be found here and here are direct links to the agenda and information packet.

October’s A1A Update

What’s going on with the project?  See the latest news here.

A1A update for September

Here’s the latest information.

August’s A1A Update

We keep getting closer to the end.  Click here to see what’s going on currently.

FDOT/AECOM Report on Fort Pierce Port

Here is the Draft of the Data and Recommendations for Port of Fort Pierce Master Plan Aug 2013  Pages 25-43 contain their suggestions for revision of the Plan and general recommendations.  Please take the time to become informed and plan to attend the meeting to hear the presentation first hand.

The A1A update For July

Here’s July’s A1A update. Substantial construction should be finished this month!

A1A June Update

Click here to read the June A1A Update.

May’s A1A project info

We’re closing in on the completion date.  Look here to see how it’s going!

The A1A update for April is here

The project is coming along!  Trees are being planted!  Check here to see what’s going on.

March’s A1A report!

Here’s the March report from the A1A commission.  Click here to read it.