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Welcome to 2 new members of the Board of Directors

National Night Out Against Crime

(Pavilion #5 – located in NE corner – closest to A1A)

2016 Annual Meeting – Overview by FPSBA President, Carole Mushier

As I prepared this 2015 Overview, I referred to what I had said last February regarding our expectations for the year.

2016 Annual Meeting – Code Enforcement Report, Bruce Murray, Code Enforcement Chair

The Code Enforcement Department was busy in South Beach in 2015 and we thank Peggy Arraiz and her staff for their efforts on our behalf. They are spread very thin and it is often hard to balance the demands of the entire city and the relative urgency of issues in different parts of the city. But, 172 violations were issued in South Beach at 129 addresses in 2015, indicating a number of addresses had multiple violations issued. Of those, 113 have been brought in to compliance, 46 remain active and 13 were closed. Several new active cases were opened early in 2016, including the painting of the wall on Crestview and Ocean, which was completed before the Annual Meeting, and a couple of major mowing violations. You have probably seen a number of other mowing and nuisance notices posted around the community.

2016 Annual Meeting – Beach & Parks Report, Charlene Adair, Beach & Parks Committee Chair

I am Charlene Adair, your beach & parks chair. Our liaison with the city is Paul Bertram, the parks and grounds manager under Public Works (identify those present). We thank the city for your support and for supplying picker uppers and gloves! I am now also serving on the Keep Fort Pierce Beautiful Advisory Board as a way to further our tie with the city.

2016 Annual Meeting – C.O.P. District 9 Annual Report, Bruce Murray, Leader, District 9 C.O.P.

The revitalization of C. O. P. in South Beach was well established by the end of 2015. District 9 started the year with seven people on the roster, only three of whom were active. Four were dropped for inactivity and five were recruited and completed the sixteen hour classroom and three hour field training soContinue Reading

2016 Annual Meeting – Preview of 2016, Carole Mushier, FPSBA President

From what we just heard tonight, it is clear that things are happening and will happen at the Port during 2016! I hope to see 2 MEGA yachts berthed there for refurbishing and repair every week with plans to expand the area to accommodate more ships (at that size they are ships not boats!). viewContinue Reading

2016 Annual Meeting – Print & Download Reports

If it is easier for you to print and download each of the reports given at the 2015 Annual Meeting, you may do so here: view full post »

Rental Properties on South Beach

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South Beach Association Announces Fundraising Drive for South Beach ATVs

If you attended the forum/meet & greet with FPPD Chief Diane Hobley-Burney on June 23rd, you will remember her recommendation that two police equipped ATVs be added to our police patrols in our South Beach community. This recommendation was well received by the over 150 people in attendance. view full post »