Selected Reports From 2019 Annual Meeting

For those that prefer to print and read the reports, PDFs of each session from the 2019 FPSBA Annual Meeting are available here for your convenience.

2018 FPSBA Overview – Carole Mushier, President

Every year, I attempt to summarize what has happened over the past year of interest to those of us who live, work and play on South Beach.  I begin by reviewing  my projections at the end of last year’s meeting for the year 2018.

2019 Annual Meeting: Code Enforcement Report – Charlene Adair, Code Enforcement Liaison

My role is to be a liaison between South Beach residents and the Code Enforcement Division of the City of Fort Pierce. I am also a volunteer with the City of Fort Pierce. The goal of code enforcement is to maintain compliance with City Codes adopted by the City Commission that establish minimum standards for health, safety, and general welfare as well as to regulate conditions to prevent the creation of substandard living conditions within the City.

2019 Annual Meeting: C.O.P Report – Walter Lynch, C.O.P. Team Lead

Hi everyone I am Walter Lynch and I am the team leader for the COP program here on South Hutchison Island.  COP stands for Citizen’s Observation Patrol and we are part of the Crime Prevention Unit of the St Lucie county Sheriff’s Office.  We provide an extra set of eyes and ears for local law enforcement.  We patrol in a vehicle which is supplied and maintained by the St. Lucie Co. Sheriff’s Office.  You may remember that I took over leadership of the team when Bruce Murray retired last year.

2019 Annual Meeting: Beach & Parks Report – Charlene Adair, Beach & Parks Chair

I am Charlene Adair, your Beach & Parks Chair. I also serve on the Keep Fort Pierce Beautiful Advisory Board and the Parks Committee. I coordinate approximately 50 volunteers to keep 9 parks and about 4 miles of beach clean and maintained – a lofty goal for sure! Our volunteers showed they are up to the challenge by working 2392 hours in 2018!  Our volunteers were honored at the recent Coffee with the Mayor. Thank you, to all volunteers who work so hard to keep our beaches and parks beautiful.

2019 Annual Meeting: Islander Award – Charlene Adair

This year’s recipient has made a huge contribution in a relatively short period of time.  She chairs two SBA Committees, sits on two City Committees, spends many hours a month researching rental properties for the City Code Enforcement Department and still finds time to drive the COP car and do pick up along the beachContinue Reading

2019 Preview – Carole Mushier, President

So where will we be at the end of this year?  Mayor Hudson has painted a rosy picture – one I would like to embrace.  But then realty sets in and the realization that things move so much slower than we wish.  That is the nature of bureaucracy. view full post »

2019 Annual Membership Letter

To All Residents, Business Owners and Organizations on Fort Pierce South Beach, view full post »

Selected Reports From 2018 Annual Meeting

For those that prefer to print and read the reports, PDFs of each session from the 2018 FPSBA Annual Meeting is available here for your convenience. view full post »

2017 FPSBA Overview – Carole Mushier, President

There were three main areas that I described at the end of the February 2017 Annual Meeting as my hopes and possibles for the year 2017. view full post »